One of our lockdown projects was to set up Flickr so that members’ photographs of trips and events could be seen by all.

For those not familiar with FLICKR you do not need to set up an account and password.

Just visit or simply go to , put “Wherry Maud” in the search bar and select “Search People”.

We now have photos of most of our 2019 trips on there, so if you wish to see photos that others took of “your” trip, do take a look. If you open “Albums” and then click on “View collections” on the right hand side of the screen above the photos, you can select the year you want to view. Alternatively, go to “Photostream” then search for the date of your trip. We are adding photos regularly.

We thought it would be good to put VIDEOS on there as well as photos. Unfortunately, we recently realised that only the first 3 minutes of a video would show on our version of Flickr.

Fortunately, we have members who can fix things like this. Roger H has kindly set up a VIMEO account for us and put one of our members’ films on there.

For a virtual trip on Maud, not as good as the real thing but something you can watch from the comfort of your own home, just visit

John Cook’s video of a trip from Cantley to Beccles in 2018 has been set to music and abridged and is the only video you will find there at present. Do watch and enjoy!