This week Wherry Maud Trust members are puzzling over the first four of a total of twelve questions, one emailed to them each day until Christmas Eve.

There are no prizes, just the feeling of satisfaction if they rise to the challenge and get at least some right. Questions are varied, covering songs, books and art with even a little knowledge about wherries thrown in.

As an example the third question was:

There is a connection between the song “The Maid of Llangollen” and a feature of some wherries. What is the connection?

Use of the internet is recommended, and phone a friend is quite acceptable too. You may also wish to consult the wherry enthusiasts’ bibles: books by Robert Malster and Roy Clark might help.

If any of you want to join in the fun and are not yet members, why not fill out a membership form now (under the Membership tab) and send us your sub of £15 by BACS. We will then email you questions you have missed and, after Christmas, you will receive the answer sheet. We will report on any lively debates about correct answers in our next newsletter in February.