Broadland Boatbuilders timelapse video of the construction of a new mast for Maud.

Womack, Nov 2019, from Nicki Darrell

The following links take you to some videos containing Maud out sailing (with apologies for any YouTube adverts you need to skip first!):

John Parker’s Footage from Wroxham Broad, 2012 when Maud was sailing in company with Albion, Ardea, Solace and White Moth to celebrate the centenary of the launch of the last trading wherry built, “Ella”

A short film made in 2016 by David Grundy

A film by David Grundy showcasing a trip on Maud in 2017

Tom Cunliffe reports on his 2017 trip on Maud Tom Cunliffe (Yachts & Yarns)

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