Rights and Obligations of associate (non-voting) members of Wherry Maud Trust

Associate members will pay an annual membership fee as set by the Trustees. This will be due on 1st of May each year.

Associate Membership confers the right to sail on Maud, subject to availability, to participate in other WMT events and to receive a free newsletter. The trustees will organise an annual meeting for associate members normally in April.

Any associate member will be welcome to volunteer to become a trustee or officer of the trust, or to propose others for such posts. The trustee members will vote on any such proposals at the meeting following the proposal.

Of course, associate members are expected to be polite and courteous in order not to bring traditional sailing boats into disrepute. The Trustees have the right to terminate the associate membership of any person who fails to comply with these obligations.

But it’s all good fun!