Broads Landscape Partnership Scheme – Water, Mills and Marshes Project

In March this year Wherry Maud Trust applied for a “Grand for a grand idea” grant and were awarded funds to create a pop-up museum and displays for Wherry Maud.

The project does not have to be completed this year but a good start has been made with the construction of a photo cut-out board to attract families to learn about Maud and eventually visit our pop-up museum.

The photo board was unveiled by Alison Yardy, Norfolk County Council Historic Environment Officer (Projects), on Sunday 9 June.

The board was designed and constructed by Andy Mair, a talented scenery designer.  We look forward to our volunteers taking the board to many local events in the future.

On behalf of Trustees of Wherry Maud

Linda Pargeter, 14 June 2019