Work Parties on Maud

In 2018 so far we have had two working parties. The first was on Saturday 3 Feb when 11 people attended. A whole list of jobs were tackled and there were two major ones:

  • launch of the new tender “Silver Star” and bringing her round to Womack
  • putting up two storage chests next to Maud so that we can clear spare items out of the hold, give us more space and make it look much tidier.
Work Party
Photo by Linda Pargeter

The second working party took place on Monday 19 Feb and 8 people came for all or part of the day. Again lots of jobs were tackled and Mike and Peter concentrated on preparation so that we are ready to paint when the temperature has risen a bit. Of special note was the installation by Martin of an LED lighting panel above the galley. The lights are run from a battery and should last for 8 hours. Lighting will be much appreciated when preparing drinks and washing up in low light conditions.

Work Party
Photo by Martin Carruthers

Another job that hadn’t been done for some years was a complete re-paint of the name boards. Nicki and Roger did a splendid job on those, taking them home to finish the lettering. No, they haven’t been stolen and will be put back on the occasion of the next working party on 10 March.