Trips in June and July 2017

June and July seem a long way behind us now, even though it is only early August. Maud’s 2017 sailing season will shortly be almost at an end due to three-yearly out-of-the-water maintenance starting on August 7th.
I promised some pictures of members performing crewing tasks and here they are. This time the photos are sent in by our members
A winch party on 3rd June paying serious attention to lowering sail. Note the new halyard (rope) on the winch barrel, and the way the crew are concentrating on the job in hand.

photo by Martin Carruthers

 On the 18th June trip from Acle Bridge to Hardley, Neil Thomas (trustee and trainee skipper) took the helm while Kim Dowe (skipper) had a rest.

photo by Sue Hines

And on the 30th June a winch party admired the way the halyard has finished in the ideal place after raising sail. The idea is to finish hoisting with the rope on the bare barrel of the winch, making hoisting easier as those hoisting get more tired.

photo by John Cook

Also on 30th June during the journey from Hardley to Beccles, skipper Ian Scowen (left) gave member Ellie Rockley a chance to experience helming Maud.

photo by John Cook

And then it was Steve Hiscox’s turn, with Ian Scowen still supervising of course. Herringfleet Mill on the Waveney in the background.

photo by John Cook

On the 29 July trip from Frostbites at Thorpe down river back to Hardley Mill, Haydn was having his first try at quanting Maud. Haydn joined as trainee crew this year and has already earnt his “Gem driver” badge. Perhaps someone else took a better photo?

photo by Linda Pargeter

Another volunteer job is to take people out in The Gem (Maud’s tender) to get a good view of Maud under sail and take photos. Here, on 29 July, Glyn Pugh is driving and Ruth is enjoying the view.

photo by Linda Pargeter

Finally, a group photo taken at the end of our very memorable trip from Acle Bridge to Hardley Mill. The trip was very memorable because Betsy (extreme right) had come from Florida especially to take her second trip on Maud and see windmills on the lower Bure and Yare. More about her visit in the August newsletter.

photo from Betsy Hurst’s camera

Written by Linda Pargeter, Trustee of Wherry Maud Trust, 4 August 2017.