Trips in April and May 2017

People enjoy a trip on Maud in lots of different ways, and I hope the following will give you the flavour of our trips so far this year. Next time I write I will choose photos that illustrate other more serious ways of enjoying ourselves, watching the wildlife and learning about sailing a trading wherry.

With the exception of the final photo, all the pictures were taken on my mobile phone.

Here is the chilled out way, best suited to a sunny day :

Relaxing on a sunny day

And then there’s eating cakes, even better when on board boat and in good company :

Eating cakes!
Seeing the wherry’s rig from an unusual angle :

Maud's rig from an unusual angle

Sheltering from a chilly breeze :

Shelter in a chilly breeze

Or even helming the wherry under the watchful eye of Neil Thomas :

Neil Thomas at the helm

It has been a wonderful start to the season and we hope for many more trips with a happy group photo at the end just like this one :

Happy Cew
Picture by Chris Tovey

Written by Linda Pargeter, Trustee of Wherry Maud, May 21 2017.