Two Trips in May

On Saturday 7 May John Cook took the following four photos :

Day sail from Womack 01
Day sail at Womack - 02
Day sail from Womack - 03
Day Sail at Womack - 04

And Martin & Lynette Taylor took some photos on Sunday 15 May when six new members came for a short sail as part of a joint event with the Wind Energy Museum. Two mill enthusiasts had come from further away than the others, in fact from Florida. All look a bit chilly, but happy.

Martin and Lynette Taylor photographs at Wind Energy Event
Martin and Lynette Taylor photo at Wind Energy Museum event

Day trip from Womack to Ranworth and back

7 May day trip

Well, who would believe such a change in the weather since our last trip on 17th April?

The 17th April photo of people on the foredeck showed us all in nice, warm clothing, but 3 weeks later there we were in brilliant sunshine, wearing tee shirts and even with a touch of sunburn by the end of the day.

On board the wherry Maud, May 7th 2016.

We left Womack at about 10.30 and had a gentle sail round to Ranworth, arriving on the Broad sometime after 1pm for shore leave. Soon we heard the wonderful sound of the bells of the church ringing out for a wedding and learnt that Neil Thomas’s wife Nikki was one of the team ringing.

On the return trip to Womack we were helped by the tide but hindered by a head wind on some reaches. We left the sail up and used the engine in the tender to push us when needed. As often happens we had a fair wind on the last reach before the entrance to Womack and were sorry to have to lower sail.

There was an experimental element to the trip. We do have quite a few members who are dog owners and whose pooches are quite happy on board boats. So, with the consent of all those on board, Tom was allowed to bring Pip and Mollie with him.

Mollie the Collie on board Maud.

Mollie the Collie (above) enjoyed all the attention from dog-loving members and didn’t tire of chasing a stick thrown a short distance for her in the hold.

Maud passenger Pip the dog

Pip, a much larger dog, was quite happy as long as Tom wasn’t far away.

Other members will be sending photos and they will be put onto our website once received. Watch this space.

Social Evening and Annual Meeting

On 30 April 2016 the trustees put on a Social Evening and Annual Meeting for associate members.

The evening began at 5.45 when Linda Pargeter gave a presentation of the trust and its work in 2015, its first year of operation, and details of plans for events in the coming year. See a video of the presentation.

Immediately afterwards John Greenaway, recently retired owner of Traditional Boat Supplies at Beccles, gave a fascinating talk about his life.

His early years were spent in Mevagissey, then a very close community of fishermen. He was taken out of school by his mother at the age of fourteen and a half to support his family by fishing for pilchard in the family lugger.

After two or three years national service changed all that and, although in a reserved occupation, he volunteered for the forces. A self-taught, extremely fast, shorthand writer he was soon in demand for clerical service overseas and served in Bermuda and Jamaica until demob. He then set up in the charter business with a friend and later for 3 months went as bosun on Errol Flynn’s yacht with the Rat Pack attending frequent parties on board. After various other business ventures he came to Beccles and spent many years building up an international business supplying anything and everything needed for maintaining traditional boats. This year, fed up with his sleep being interrupted by international calls, he finally decided to retire, although in his retirement he will be looking for new adventures. He interspersed his half-hour talk with amusing anecdotes and members were most appreciative. Few of us realised, for example, that a true Cornish Pasty has a filling of pilchard and vegetables, with a jam section at one end.

 John Greenaway

 John Greenaway 02

 John Greenaway 03

Thank you, John. Members enjoyed your talk immensely.

Then members had a short time for a chat and a drink before the FISH AND CHIPS arrived. A few people had chosen sausage or a vegetarian option instead of the fish, and nobody went hungry. Quite the opposite!

John Greenaway 04
And many members decided to stay on to see the film of Albion’s trip round to Ely in the 1970s. Everyone enjoyed watching but perhaps we won’t try a similar voyage with Maud yet awhile.


Trip from Thurne

17 April Afternoon Trip from Thurne

On a chilly but bright afternoon we made about a three-hour trip from Thurne up to St Benet’s Abbey and back. Six new members on board enjoyed a first experience of wherry sailing. Kim Dowe was our skipper and Neil Thomas (one of the WMT Trustees) was his understudy. Neil is taking every opportunity to learn from Kim as he hopes to graduate as a wherry skipper soon.

We had some good bird-spotting too. Two cranes were riding the thermals above our head for a while and a male marsh harrier gave us a fine display.

On the bank near St Benet’s members of a camera club were very excited to see a wherry out and about and promised to put some of their pictures of Maud on Facebook.

A most enjoyable early-season trip.

A chat on the foredeck
Enjoying a chat on the foredeck
Passing Thurne Mill
Passing Thurne Mill on the way back to Womack