Maud Appeal

The Wherry Maud was rescued from her watery grave in the early 1980s and after an 18-year restoration has now been sailing the Broads again for 18 years. The time has come for a major out-of-the-water maintenance that will take place at Burgh Castle starting in August 2017.

How  you can help the Trust return Maud to the water in excellent condition.

Join Wherry Maud Trust as an associate member for just £10 per annum.

Donate £15 to buy 15 nuts, bolts and washers (estimated 300 needed).

Donate £25 to buy 15 spike nails (estimated 300 needed).

Donate £35 to buy a 3ft. length of oak planking (estimate of 120ft. needed).


You can use the Donate button on the left of this page.

Cheques payable to Wherry Maud Trust can be sent to
The Treasurer at La Rose, Pristow Green Lane, Tibenham, Norfolk NR16 1PU

Electronic Banking to:
Wherry Maud Trust
Sort code : 40-41-21
Account no. : 31283227

Thank you!

Maud across Breydon
Photo by Ivor Stemp.

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