About Maud

Maud is a very special wherry, the last of the typical clinker-built trading wherries to sail on the Norfolk Broads and Rivers. She has had a chequered history, starting her working life in 1899 as one of a small fleet of private trading wherries owned by a director of Jewson, timber merchants in Great Yarmouth. In her early years she was photographed being used by her proud owner to host a party of friends to watch a regatta. At the end of her working life she was no longer a smart, well-painted vessel as she was in use carrying dredgings for the river contractors May Gurney.

Rescue came in 1981 when she was re-floated as a restoration project by her new owners, Vincent and Linda Pargeter. Eighteen years later she was ready to sail again and her re-commissioning took place on Wroxham Broad in September 1999.

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