Taking Maud South

This is now the third year that the Trust has taken Maud “south” in the month of June and members have enjoyed the trip from Acle Bridge to the southern rivers.

Of course it all starts with a trip from Womack to Acle Bridge and this year was no exception. Jimmy was our skipper on the Friday evening of 8th June and everyone enjoyed the opportunity of a gentle sail down river with plenty of opportunity to see and photograph wildlife including marsh harriers. We took both tenders which was fortunate as Gem’s engine cut out and would not re-start. Diagnosis by engineer Paul the following morning was a faulty hose, causing air to enter the fuel line. The cunning plan, that worked like a charm, was for Nick to get spares in Yarmouth and lower them from the bridge as Maud was passing beneath.

Navigating Under Bridge
photo by Gerald Thomas

For the second leg of our journey, Acle to Hardley Windmill, Kim was the skipper. Some interesting photos were taken, again by Gerald, as we passed under the bridges in Yarmouth.

An interesting feature of the trip was learning from Kim how skippers used to create a “window” by hitching up the sail to reefing points when the sail was preventing them seeing ahead. In this case it proved difficult as the reefing cords were not long enough. Kim plans to put longer cords in that position to make it easier in future.

photo by David Pilch
photo by David Pilch

And all on board had some time for relaxation. Spot the skipper taking photos of the landscape while Harry is at the helm clearly enjoying the experience.

photo by David Pilch