Vanishing Sail Film at The Cut

We were fortunate that the weather that evening was good, al- though cold. No snow, and that was the important thing. The arts centre at Halesworth is outside our usual area of operation but for most members only an average 45 minute drive. It was the only venue we could find for a winter screening. From the Broads area there are two routes that you can take, via Norwich and via Great Yarmouth. Unfortunately there was an accident on the A47 road to Yarmouth that evening. One of our trustees was caught up in the resulting traffic jam and had to turn round and use the alternative route. Having planned to arrive at the venue early he arrived with only a few minutes to spare. We conclude that others may have had similar problems and may have given up and gone home.

The film was publicised widely by the arts centre and by ourselves. We emailed our members and others, and in the process made useful contacts at sailing clubs down the coast from Great Yarmouth to Suffolk. Some people did attend as a result of publicity from their sailing club.

It was fascinating to see a beautiful sailing vessel constructed on a beach next to the sea, built out of mostly local materials and with the only plans being a half model. Many of the boat builders in the Caribbean are descended from Scottish settlers who passed on their skills to the local population and inter-married with them. Surnames such as Compton bear witness to this. We have to remember that when Maud was built on the bank of the Yare at Reedham there would also have been few plans and the hull of the boat would have been set up mainly by eye.

Vanishing Sail

A total of 62 people attended and all agreed that it had been a pleasant evening. The film ended with wonderful footage of the Classic Sail Regatta on Antigua. After all that sunshine it was quite a shock to come out of the cinema to a dark, cold winter’s evening.

Here is a “thank you” from one of our members:

“Hi, we really enjoyed the film, it brought back memories as I trained as a boatbuilder and worked in Greece in primitive circumstances, thanks for arranging it”.

We will be contacting Indian Creek Films with a view to arranging another screening of the film at an alternative venue nearer The Broads.