Wherry Maud Appeal 2017 Results Update

Wherry Maud Trust final report on Maud’s
Three Yearly Out-of-the-water Maintenance
and Update on results of the 2017 Appeal

 Maud's Re-Launch

Maud has been re-launched – see the above photo by Martin Curruthers. She returned to Womack on 18 September under motor and we plan to sail her on the Thurne and Bure this coming Sunday 8th October.

Trustees are now closing the appeal:

  • Further to our last report in which we declared our intention to close the appeal once Maud was back in commission, the appeal is now closed.
  • We last reported that £3000 had been raised. The final total is £3830!
  • We are still not in a position to confirm the final total spent but should be able to do that shortly.
  • The extra money raised will enable trustees to start building a fund for the higher costs expected for the next two refits in 2020 and 2023.
  • Grateful thanks goes to those members who gave their time freely to minimise labour costs. Trustees estimate that around 240 hours of volunteer labour was used to complete the project.

Last but not least, grateful thanks for the efficiency and skill of the two-man team from Colin Buttifant Boatbuilders and of the staff of Goodchild Marine. Always good to know that Maud is in safe hands.

Trustees of Wherry Maud
1 October 2017