Wherry Maud Trust 2017 Appeal

Maud is fready for re-launch
Maud is ready for re-launch

The Trustees are delighted to report as follows:

  • Target was set to fund an estimated mix of materials and to supplement funds already in hand.
  • The amount we hoped to raise was £2,200. Thanks to the generosity of a few individuals we have exceeded the target.
  • As at the end of July we had raised only £20, by the 15th of August the figure had risen to £895 and currently, due mainly to one donation, we have raised £3000!
  • The appeal will close once Maud is successfully in commission again.
  • The extra money raised has been allocated for the purchase of fastenings for the next phase of major maintenance in 2020.
  • The final total spend cannot be given until bills are received but will be in the region of £12500.
  • You may have seen from reports in the press that the Trust now has a 6-year maintenance plan. Longer lengths of oak planking will be replaced in 2020 and 2023. Fund raising for that work will be ongoing.