Upcoming Talks

Normally lasting a maximum of 1 hour.

Date Time Group Name Venue Address Speaker
7 Jan 2019
19.15 Rotary Club of Brentwood a Becket Marygreen Manor Hotel, Brentwood, Essex Linda
1 Feb 2019
14.30 North Walsham U3A Hall of the Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Norwich Road, North Walsham, NR28 9JP Linda
9 Feb 2019
Evening Bawdsey Haven Yacht Club Bawdsey, Village Hall, Suffolk Linda
11 Feb
19.30 Brundall Evening W.I. Brundall Memorial Hall Linda
4 Mar 2019
19.15 Soroptimists Norwich High School, 95 Newmarket Road, Norwich
Mon 11 March 2019 ? Billericay
Archaeology & History Society
To be advised Linda
20 March 2019
20.00 Hertford County Yachting Club To be advised Linda
5 April 2019
8.00 Clacton 7
District Fuschia Society
Village Hall Linda
21 May 2019
14.30 Halesworth U3A The Cut, Halesworth, Suffolk Linda
15 Oct 2019
? Blackwater
Probus Club
Le Bouchon, The Square, Holloway Road, Heybridge CM9 4LT Linda
16 Oct 2019
? Sprowston
History Group
To be advised Linda
22 Oct 2019
11.00 Chet Valley Probus Club The White Horse Public House, Chedgrave Linda
14 Nov 2019
? Yare Valley
Probus Club
The Oaklands Hotel, Thorpe Road, Norwich Linda

Non members of the groups listed may be able to attend for a small fee. We suggest contacting the group if you  or your friends wish to come along.


Maud’s Story – the Life of a Norfolk Trading Wherry

The trustees of Wherry Maud Trust are keen to speak to interested groups in order to:

  • increase public awareness of the part Norfolk wherries played in the transport history of the Norfolk and Suffolk Broads
  • show how people can get involved in preserving and sailing these boats today

The talk uses up to 50 good quality slides (mostly colour) and lasts approx. 1 hour + time for questions. We will always endeavour to tailor the talk to the interests of our audience on the day.

We can bring a set of information boards with photos illustrating the life of the boat. Those interested can look at the photos at their leisure during the interval or after the talk.

Themes covered by the talk are:

  • Introduction – a brief history of the Norfolk Wherry
  • Maud’s working life and her owners and skippers
  • The rescue of Maud from her watery grave in Ranworth Broad
  • Restoration of the boat – it took 18 years to get her sailing again – materials and methods
  • Use of the boat post restoration and before the Trust was formed
  • Wherry Maud Trust formed in 2015. How it operates + current and future events

Further information can be found on the National Historic Ships website and on Facebook.

See below for upcoming talks

Rigging Out

Rigging out

On Sunday 20 March volunteers gathered together to put Maud’s gaff back on board and to re-rig.

Nobody present had rigged a wherry before! A copy of David Bray’s instructions were produced and followed and each stage, once correct, was photographed for future use and to put in our manual. Once assembled, all components were diligently tested by the “A team” and pronounced ready for use.

After lacing the sail onto the gaff and making some final connections we were ready to have a test sail. There was a good wind and we had a brisk sail down to Clippesby. The following day there were pictures to prove it on Facebook. Not many wherries are out sailing in March. It’s our ambition to be the first in the year whenever possible.

Working parties

Working parties

There have been lots of opportunities for “partying” from February until April 2016 and members have given their time generously.

Maintenance on The Gem

Work started on the 7th February on our tender, The Gem, and continued until she was pronounced ready for re-launching in the third week of March. During that time she was given a thorough clean out, her bottom was scraped and painted and other areas of paintwork touched in. This was the result.

It doesn’t sound much but it was hard work. As a finishing touch the brass letters of the tender’s name were polished and varnished, proving that there is always a job someone can help with.

The finishing touch - polishing Gem's brass lettering.

Maintenance on Maud

On Saturday 13th February work began on Maud and there were 5 work parties in the period to 3rd April.

It’s no exaggeration to say that we all enjoyed ourselves hugely and the weather was quite kind to us. Morale was kept high with some nice touches – Martin’s profiteroles went down a treat, as did most of his jokes. We even found time to do some work and at today’s date, 4th April, Maud is looking smarter than she has for a long time. She has had a good clean inside the hold and the cabin and lots of new paint has been applied to the exterior. As always there are jobs that haven’t been done but we will fit those in between trips.